About us


We are passionate about our work as SIHIRLI BOYALAR COMPANY.

This is the most beautiful thing in life and it's really motivating.

The pleasure of seeing the admiration of those who have seen our WALL GUARD product for the first time is priceless!

That's worth everything!


Spray paint vandalism is still a problem all over the world. Each Country spends hundreds of thousands of euros per year to remove the Spray Paint effects on walls.

Therefore, as SIHIRLI BOYALAR COMPANY, we are committed to preventing visual pollution by protecting the surfaces against that attacks.

We developed to WALL GUARD that is transparent barrier coating that prevents Spray paint from bonding to surfaces and can be easily cleaned by pressured water,

for preventing vandals attack to public and private property.

Who are our customers?

• Tired of Spray Paint on their walls

• For a more aesthetic look, those who want to make them on wall surfaces, and protect these paintings against Spray Paint attacks

• Tired of sticking materials on the walls of banners, posters, labels, etc.

Having the same problems? Then you're in the right place. :)

We are the only choice of many municipalities. Everything we've ever done and believe is a challenge to the current situation. Because we believe in thinking differently.

We're trying to create happy customers. We know that success is the result of our satisfied customers recommending us.

We are grateful to all our business partners who are confident in our products and services.

As SIHIRLI BOYALAR COMPANY, we will continue to make sense of life with our innovative, aesthetic and eco-friendly products.

Wait our next surprises. :)